Field Producer


Experience: 7.5 years
Open for:
Primary Skillset:
Day Rate:


Videography - 9/10
Editing - 7/10
Photography - 8/10


Outdoor Specific Schools
Self-Filmed Hunting School
Stroud, OK
This class focuses on teaching the skills and techniques required for effectively self-filming hunts.
Traditional Education
University of Tulsa
Business Administration with a focus in Marketing
Tulsa, OK, USA
Graduate? Yes
2017 - 2020

Located in:


Has Passport

Equipment I Own

-Sony A7S3
My Proficiency: 8/10

-Sony FX6
My Proficiency: 7/10

-MacBook Pro Max
My Proficiency: 10/10

Software/Apps I Use

-Premiere Pro
My Proficiency: 9/10

-After Effects
My Proficiency: 6/10

My Proficiency: 9/10

My Proficiency: 6/10

-Final Cut
My Proficiency: 2/10

Equipment I can Use (but don't own)

-Sony A7s3
My Proficiency: 5/10

-DJI Gimbal
My Proficiency: 9/10

Professional summary

As a Field Producer, I possess extensive experience in outdoor video production, specializing in creating captivating content focused on hunting, fishing, and wilderness adventures. My expertise includes managing on-site production logistics, coordinating with diverse teams, and ensuring projects align with creative visions. I excel in bringing stories to life through meticulous planning and a deep understanding of outdoor narratives. My passion for the outdoors, combined with a commitment to quality and creativity, enables me to produce exceptional content that resonates with audiences and meets high standards!

Work experience

Associate Producer
Deep Fork Productions

-Assisting in the development and planning of video production projects.

-Collaborating with producers and directors to define project scopes and objectives.

-Coordinating logistics for outdoor shoots, including location scouting and scheduling.

-Participating in the scripting and storyboarding processes.

-Managing communication with team members, clients, and external partners.

-Overseeing post-production activities, including editing and sound design.

-Maintaining project documentation and ensuring adherence to production timelines and budgets.

-Providing support in equipment handling and maintenance.

October 11, 2022 -



-Drone Operator - Oklahoma

-Forklift - United States