Privacy Policy

1.) Introduction

Welcome to, a specialized platform dedicated to connecting professional freelancers with businesses in the hunting, fishing, and broader outdoor industry across North America. Our mission is to facilitate meaningful and productive collaborations by providing a space where skilled freelancers can showcase their expertise and where businesses can find the talent they need to thrive.

Purpose of Our Website: serves as a dynamic marketplace for job postings and applications, tailored specifically for the outdoor industry. Professional freelancers can create detailed profiles and portfolios to highlight their skills and past projects, while businesses can post job listings and search for the right talent to fulfill their needs. The core functionalities of our platform revolve around job posting, application processes, and the fostering of professional connections within the outdoor industry.

Commitment to Privacy and Data Protection: At, we uphold a strong commitment to protecting the privacy and security of our users’ data. We understand the importance of confidentiality and trust in the professional sphere. As such, we assure you that the information you provide on our platform is used exclusively for its intended purpose: to match freelancers with businesses in the outdoor industry. We do not share your personal data with outside companies or third parties for marketing or any unrelated purposes.

Your privacy is our priority, and we are dedicated to maintaining a transparent and secure environment where your personal and professional information is handled with the utmost care and respect.

User Interaction and Data Usage: The primary interactions on involve posting and applying for jobs. All user-generated content, whether it be job listings, freelancer profiles, or portfolio pieces, is utilized solely to facilitate these core functions of our platform. We believe in empowering our users with control over their data, ensuring that their participation in the site directly aligns with their professional objectives in the outdoor industry.

As we cater primarily to a North American audience, our policies and practices are designed to align with the relevant data protection and privacy laws within this region. We are committed to continually adapting and evolving our privacy practices to meet the highest standards and best serve our community of outdoor professionals.


2.) Information Collection

At, we gather various types of information to enhance our service delivery and ensure our platform efficiently connects freelancers with businesses. Below are the details of the information we collect and how we do so:

Personal Identification Information: When users create an account on our platform, we collect essential information to establish their professional profile. This includes:

  • Name and Email Address: For account identification and communication.
  • Username: For creating a unique identity on the platform.
  • Qualifications and Professional Experience: To adequately represent skills and expertise.
  • Phone Number and State of Residence: For contact purposes and location-specific opportunities.
  • Portfolio Links: To showcase work samples and previous projects. While email, name, and username are required for account creation, other details like qualifications, phone number, and portfolio links are optional, allowing users to customize their profiles according to their preferences.

User-Generated Content: Our platform thrives on user-generated content, which includes:

  • Job Descriptions and Role Responsibilities: Posted by businesses seeking talent.
  • Portfolios, Resumes, Work Samples: Uploaded by freelancers to demonstrate their expertise.
  • Profiles: Created by users to represent their professional persona. This content is crucial for the functionality of our service, helping users to find suitable job matches and collaborations.

Technical Data: To improve user experience and site functionality, we collect technical data using tools like Google Analytics and Search Console. This includes:

  • Browser Types and Versions: To ensure our website’s compatibility and optimal display.
  • User Statistics: Such as visit duration and pages accessed, to understand how users interact with our site and to identify areas for improvement.

Communication Data: While our platform facilitates initial connections, direct communications between users, such as applying for jobs or further discussions, are typically conducted outside the platform using the contact information provided in their profiles.

Note on Financial Transactions: No financial transactions take place directly on Therefore, we do not collect payment information through our website.

Data Collection Methods: The majority of the information is provided by the users themselves when they sign up, create or update their profiles, and post job listings. Technical data is automatically collected through the use of cookies and analytical tools like Google Analytics.


3) Use of Collected Information

The information collected on is used in various ways to enhance our services, support our users, and ensure the efficient operation of our platform. Below we detail these uses:

Facilitating Job Matching: Our platform empowers users to find their own matches. Freelancers can search for job postings that align with their skills and experience, while businesses can browse through freelancer profiles to find suitable candidates. The personal information and user-generated content such as qualifications, work samples, and job descriptions are vital in enabling users to find and select the best possible matches.

Improving Website Functionality and User Experience: Technical data collected through tools like Google Analytics is used to analyze user journeys and link paths on our website. This helps us understand how users interact with the site, identify popular features, and detect areas that may need improvement. By studying these patterns, we aim to continuously enhance the functionality of our website and provide a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.

Communication with Users: We use the contact information provided by our users to send occasional emails. These may include alerts about new job postings, updates on the platform, or highlights of new freelancers who have joined our community. This communication is designed to keep our users informed and engaged with the latest opportunities and updates from

Internal Record Keeping and Legal Compliance: Internally, we maintain records of user interactions, transactions, and activities for administrative purposes. This includes monitoring account creation, job postings, and profile updates. While specific legal compliance requirements may vary, we are committed to adhering to applicable laws and regulations related to data protection and privacy. This might involve retaining certain user information for legal purposes, responding to lawful requests from authorities, or maintaining records for audit purposes.


4) Information Sharing and Disclosure

At, we handle user information with the utmost respect for privacy and only share this information under specific circumstances as outlined below:

Sharing with Consent:

  • Freelancers have the option to share their profiles, resumes, and portfolios externally. This includes applying for jobs and submitting their resumes directly to companies through job listings on our platform. This information is openly shared at the discretion of the freelancers.
  • There are no paywalls or hidden content on our site; any information users choose to make public on their profiles is accessible to other users and visitors.

External Processing and Third-Party Services:

  • We utilize GoDaddy for website hosting and Securi for security measures. Google Analytics is used to gather insights on website usage and user interactions. These service providers process data on our behalf and are integral to the maintenance and security of our platform. They operate under strict confidentiality agreements and do not use the data for their own purposes.
  • While we engage these third-party services, we do not share personal user information with them beyond what is necessary to fulfill their service obligations.

Legal Disclosure:

  • In certain circumstances, may be required to share user information in response to lawful requests by government agencies, including meeting national security or law enforcement requirements. This includes complying with subpoenas, court orders, or other legal processes.
  • We are committed to upholding the law and will share information only to the extent necessary to comply with such legal requests.

No Third-Party Sharing for Marketing or Other Unrelated Uses:

  • We do not share, sell, rent, or trade personal user information with third parties for their marketing purposes or any unrelated uses.

This section ensures users are informed about the scenarios in which their information might be shared and highlights our commitment to protecting user privacy. Our practices are designed to uphold user trust and comply with legal obligations.

5) Data Security

At, we are committed to ensuring the security and protection of the personal information that we collect and store. Our data security measures are designed to safeguard our users’ data against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction.

Security Measures:

  • We host our platform on secure servers to provide a safe environment for user data.
  • Daily security scans are conducted to detect and address vulnerabilities promptly.
  • User data is backed up every 12 hours, ensuring that we have a recent copy to restore from in case of any unforeseen incidents.

Data Breach Response Protocol:

  • In the unlikely event of a data breach, our priority is to secure the platform and protect our users’ information. We will take immediate actions, including restoring a previous backup of the website to a point before the breach occurred.
  • Affected users will be notified via email as soon as possible about the breach and the steps we are taking to address it.
  • Please note that restoring from backups may result in the loss of some recent user updates or data. We strive to minimize this impact and restore the most recent and secure version of the platform.

User Responsibilities:

  • Users play a crucial role in maintaining the security of their accounts. We advise all users to create strong, unique passwords and keep their login credentials confidential.
  • Users should be cautious about the information they choose to share on their profiles and in job applications. It is advisable not to share any details that they would not want to be accessible to the general public.

Employee and Contractor Access:

  • Access to user data is strictly limited to trained web design professionals who are knowledgeable about our data protection practices.
  • These individuals are bound by confidentiality agreements and are required to adhere to our privacy standards and procedures.

We continuously review and update our security practices to protect against unauthorized access and ensure the integrity of our platform. While we strive to use commercially acceptable means to protect your personal information, no method of transmission over the internet, or method of electronic storage, is 100% secure.

6) User Rights and Choices

At, we respect the rights of our users regarding their personal information. Below are the rights and choices available to our users in managing their personal data on our platform:

Access to Personal Information:

  • Users have the right to access the personal information they have provided on our site. This can be done by logging into their account and reviewing the information in their profile settings.
  • While users can view their data on the website, the option to download their data is not currently available.

Correction and Updating of Information:

  • Users have the ability to correct or update their personal information at any time. This can be done by logging into their account and making the necessary changes to their profile information.

Deletion of Information:

  • Users have the right to delete their personal information from our platform. This can be accomplished by accessing the account settings and selecting the option to delete their account.
  • Upon a user’s request to delete their account, all associated personal information will be removed from our platform.

Opt-Out Choices:

  • As part of our service, users agree to receive occasional emails from, such as job postings and platform updates.
  • Currently, there are no opt-out options for these communications. By becoming a member of our platform, users consent to receive these occasional emails.

Data Portability:

  • We do not currently offer data portability options. Users cannot transfer their data from to another service.

We encourage our users to exercise their rights and make informed choices about their personal data on our platform. If users have any questions or concerns regarding their rights or how to exercise them, they are encouraged to contact us through the provided contact information.

7) Third-Party Services

Our platform interacts with third-party services and websites in various ways. It’s important for our users to understand how these interactions affect their data and the content they view on

Third-Party Service Providers:

  • Currently, there are no additional third-party service providers apart from GoDaddy for hosting, Securi for security, and Google Analytics for website traffic analysis, who have access to user data.
  • If in the future we engage other third-party services that have access to user data, we will update our policy accordingly and ensure that these providers adhere to our privacy standards.

Links to Third-Party Websites:

  • Our website includes links to sponsor content, advertising material, and user-provided links within user-generated content. These may direct users to external websites.
  • We also provide links to our social media platforms.
  • We are not responsible for the privacy practices or content of these external websites, except for our own social media platforms.
  • Users should be aware that when they follow these links, they are leaving our site and that the privacy policies of the external websites will apply.

User Interaction with Embedded Content:

  • Users may encounter embedded content on our platform, such as videos from YouTube or Vimeo, links to social media platforms, or other relevant web content in resumes or portfolios.
  • This embedded content from other websites behaves in the exact same way as if the visitor has visited the other website directly.
  • These websites may collect data about users, use cookies, embed additional third-party tracking, and monitor interaction with the embedded content, including tracking interaction if the user has an account and is logged in to that website.

Disclaimer for Third-Party Websites:

  • While we offer links to various external sites, we do not endorse, nor do we claim responsibility for the content, privacy policies, or practices of any third-party sites, except for our own social media platforms.
  • Users should exercise caution and review the privacy statements applicable to the external websites they visit.

We encourage our users to remain informed about their digital footprint and the data policies of the websites they choose to interact with through

8) International Data Transfers is accessible to users worldwide, and our platform is designed to cater to professionals from any region that has internet access. Understanding the global nature of the internet, it is important to address how international data transfers are managed:

User Base and Data Accessibility:

  • While our primary focus is on North America, we welcome users from across the globe. This means that personal information and user-generated content on our platform can be accessed from various international locations.

Data Storage and Processing:

  • Our data servers are managed through GoDaddy. As we do not have exact details on the physical locations of these servers, it is possible that user data may be stored and processed in countries different from where users are based.
  • We rely on GoDaddy’s adherence to security and privacy standards to ensure the protection of user data, regardless of geographic location.

Compliance with United States Laws:

  • Our operations and data protection policies are primarily in compliance with the laws of the United States. We do not specifically adhere to international data protection laws like the EU’s GDPR.
  • Users from regions with stringent data protection laws should be aware that their data will be handled according to U.S. standards, which may differ from those in their home country.

Lack of Specific Cross-Border Data Transfer Mechanisms:

  • Currently, we do not have specific mechanisms in place for the lawful transfer of data across borders, such as standard contractual clauses or adherence to frameworks like the Privacy Shield.
  • We encourage users to be mindful of this when sharing personal information and using our platform.

We recommend our international users to consider the implications of data transfer and storage in the U.S. and to use our services with an understanding of their personal data rights as outlined in this policy. Should we implement any specific international data transfer mechanisms in the future, we will update this policy accordingly.

9) Policy Updates

We understand that the digital landscape is continually evolving, and so are the needs and expectations of our users and the legal requirements governing data privacy. Therefore, our Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time.

Frequency of Updates:

  • Updates to this policy will be made as needed, based on changes in legal requirements, platform functionalities, and best practices in data protection.
  • We anticipate these updates to be infrequent, ensuring stability and consistency in our privacy practices, while remaining adaptable to necessary changes.

Notification of Changes:

  • In the event of any significant changes to our Privacy Policy, users will be informed via email. This notification will provide a summary of the key changes and their implications for our users.
  • We encourage all users to read any such updates carefully to stay informed about how their personal data is protected and used.

User Acknowledgment and Acceptance of Changes:

  • By continuing to use our services after these changes take effect, users acknowledge and accept the terms of the updated policy.
  • We believe in maintaining a transparent relationship with our users, and your continued use of is taken as trust in our commitment to your privacy.

We recommend users to periodically review this policy to stay informed about how we are protecting their personal information. If users have any questions about the policy or our privacy practices, they are encouraged to contact us.

10) Contact Information

At, we are committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring that your personal information is handled responsibly and transparently. If you have any questions, concerns, or inquiries about our privacy practices or the handling of your personal information, please feel free to contact us.

Contacting Website Administrators:

  • For any privacy-related inquiries, users can reach out to us through the ‘Contact Us’ page on our website.
  • Our website administrators will receive these communications and ensure that your query or concern is directed to the appropriate party for a prompt and effective response.

Reporting Inappropriate Content:

  • If users come across any inappropriate content or have concerns about content privacy, they can report this using the ‘Report Content’ button located in the footer of our website.

Response Time:

  • We aim to respond to all inquiries as quickly as possible. Generally, you can expect a response from us within 48 hours.
  • We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to address your concerns effectively.

Additional Resources:

  • Currently, we do not have additional resources or FAQs specifically addressing privacy concerns on our website.
  • We encourage users to reach out to us directly with any specific questions or issues they may have.

Your privacy is important to us, and we are here to provide the necessary support and information regarding our privacy practices and your personal data on

11) Effective Date

This Privacy Policy becomes effective on January 4th, 2024. From this date onwards, the policy will be in full effect and will govern the collection, use, and sharing of information as described in the preceding sections.

We encourage all users to review this policy in its entirety to understand our practices regarding your personal information and how we will treat it. By using our platform from this date forward, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this policy.

We are committed to continually enhancing our platform and services. As part of this commitment, we will keep our users informed and up-to-date with any changes that may occur in the future regarding our privacy practices.

Thank you for being a part of We value your trust and confidence in us and are dedicated to protecting your privacy and personal information.