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Experience: 14 years
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Videography - /10
Editing - /10
Photography - /10


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Professional summary

Jerred Eversole is the Owner and Executive Producer of Deep Fork Video Productions LLC.  He founded DFP in 2011 after a career in the U.S. MarineCorps and Law Enforcement.  
Over the past 10 years Jerred has built Deep Fork Productions from a concept to a national recognized outdoor media company.  As an Executive Producer he organizes a team comprised of dozens of trained videographers and editors to produce well over 100 projects a year for networks such as the Discovery Channel, World Fishing Network, Sportsman Channel, Pursuit Channel and many other regional broadcast and digital networks.  
Jerred is also an accomplished videographer, photographer, and editor and has taught over 300 individuals how to be outdoor videographers.  He takes pride in staying on top of the new technology and techniques to make his clients projects stand out.  He also makes sure his team in the office or in the field has the best equipment to succeed.  
Jerred grew up hunting and fishing in rural Oklahoma so he knows the lifestyle of the outdoors.  He takes that passion he learned early on and throughout his life to make Deep Fork Productions clients projects be accurate and complete.  He has always believed that if someone has a dream or idea, Deep Fork Productions would do everything possible to see it through.